Oscilloscope Probes

Analog Oscilloscope:

20 MHz: | OS-45020 |
25 MHz: | OS-22251 |
40 MHz: | OS-22405 | OS-45040 |
60 MHz: | OS-22600 | OS-2260
5 |
100 MHz: | OS-221000 | OS-221005 |

Digital Oscilloscope:

25~200 MHz: DSO-55XXXC series
20 MHz: DSO-3200C

150 MHz: DSO-51150
250 MHz: DSO-51250C

Digital Oscilloscope (150 MHz):  DSO-51150C


General features: 150MHz Repeatitive Bandwidth, 2CH Dual Digitizer
  100MS/s Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate per channel
  200MS/s Sampling Rate for one channel only
  25GS/s Equivalent Sampling Rate per channel
  High Speed Screen Update using 16bit u-Processor
  10ns Peak Detection for Glitch Capture
Convenient Functions: Long Memory Max. 32KBytes/CH for flexible Waveform Zoom In/Out
  Direct Single Trigger Capture Function using a hot-key
  Simultaneous 5 Waveform informations
  Auto Measurement and FFT Analysis
  Auto Trigger Level Setting to 50%
  Saving 10 Waveforms & setup parameters
  Convenient inserting interface card for RS-232C, Hardcopy and USB
  Hold-off function
  Fast Trigger ON/OFF
Acquisition: Max Sample Rate: 200 MSPS for one channel only, 100 MSPS /CH (real time)
Record Length: Long Memory Max. 32kBytes/CH, Wide Waveform Zoom In/Out
Peak Defect: Capture & displays event as narrow as 10ns GLITCH
Vertical: Frequency Bandwidth: DC ~ 150 MHz
Input Channel: CH1, CH2
Volt/ Div 2mV/Div ~ 5V/Div
Input Impedence: 1 Mohm // Approx. 20 pF
Max. Input Voltage: 300V (DC + AC Peak) (AC<1KHz)
Accuracy: 3%
Input Coupling: DC, AC, GND
Rising Time: Approx. 2.3 ns
Math: Arithematic: ADD, SUBSTRACT, INV
FFT: Hamming, Hanning and Rectangular Window
Horizintal: TIME/ DIV: Equivalent 2ns/div ~ 0.1u