Analog Earth Resistance: AER-13505
Digital Earth Resistance: DER-13520

Analog Earth Leakage Tester: AEL-13810
Digital Earth Leakage Tester: DEL-13820

Analog Insulation Testers: AIT-13503 | AIT-13504 | AIT-13800 |
Digital Insulation Testers: DIT-03200 | DIT-13210 | DIT-13212 | DIT-13550 | DIT-13804

Digital Insulation Tester: DIT-13804 (10 KV/ 500 G Ohm)



*Microprocessor controlled with advanced safety features.

*Audible and visual message displayed if external voltage is present.

*Auto-ranging/ auto- off

*Real-time bargraph display of test voltage and voltage decay during discharge

* EEPROM calibration



Test Voltage: 1/ 2.5/ 5/ 10 (KV)

Measuring Range: 50/125/250/500 G W( Auto-Ranging)

Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 40

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