Attenuator: UHF |
AM/ FM Signal Generator: SG-4110A
Dip Meter: DM-4061A
Modulation Meter: MM-476020
SWR/ RF Power Meter: | 320 | 340 |
SWR/ Power/ FS/ Ant. Matcher: CPS-100

Distortion Meter: DM-3104A,DM-3204
Signal / RF Generator: SG-4160B | SG-4162AD
Signal Tracer : SE-6100
Stereo Modulator : AG-2011
SINAD Meter : SM-7473600

Modulation Meter: MM-476020


The Modulation Meter, MM-476020 is a compact, simple to operate and fully automatic modulation meter. It is designed to make rapid and accurate modulation measurement for testing transceivers, cordless phones, walkie-talkies, mobile radio phones and other radio communication equipment. It is capable of comprehensive analysis of both amplitude and frequency modulated signals. The Model MM-476020 is a high performance, modulation meter with comprehensive specifications covering the carrier frequency range from 1.5MHz to 2GHz and level range from 5mV to 1Vrms.


A) RF Input

Frequency Range: 1.5MHz ~ 2GHz continuous coverage, Automatic tuning system, and lock functions

Input Level:
         Low Range: 5mV to 150mV PD
         High Range: 150mV ~ 1V PD (20 dB ATT)

Maximum Input: 3V PD

Input Impedance: 50 W nominal

B) Frequency Modulation

Modulation Rate: 50 Hz~30 KHz + 0.5dB refer to 1 kHz

Deviation Range:1.5 kHz~100 kHz in eight ranges. Measurement of positive and negative and mean deviation can be selected by the switch

Accuracy: + 2% of full scale + Residual FM

Residual FM: 20 Hz/100 MHz with 3K filter on

C) Amplitude Modulation

Modulation Rate: 50 Hz~30 kHz + 0.5dB refer to 1 kHz

Depth Range: 5%~100%in 6 ranges

Accuracy: + 2% of full scale

Residual AM: less than 1%

D) Signal Output

IF Output:

Frequency: 430KHz

Impedance: 600 W

Level: 200mV + 2dB

AF Output:

Distortion: FM < 0.5% at 100K deviation, AM < 1% at 80% depth

Impedance: 600 W

Level: 1V output w.r.t. meter reading

DC Output:

Impedance: 10KW

Level: 1V + 0.5 dB at full scale

E) Level Measurement

AF Bandwidth: 50Hz ~ 30KHz, 50H ~ 15KHz, 300Hz ~3KHz in 3 ranges, Band-pass filter

F) General Specifications

Weight: 4 Kgs

Power Requirement: AC 115/230V + 10%, 50/60Hz, 30W

Dimensions: 260(W) x 100(H) x 340(D)mm