Attenuator: UHF |
AM/ FM Signal Generator: SG-4110A
Dip Meter: DM-4061A
Modulation Meter: MM-476020
SWR/ RF Power Meter: | 320 | 340 |
SWR/ Power/ FS/ Ant. Matcher: CPS-100

Distortion Meter: DM-3104A,DM-3204
Signal / RF Generator: SG-4160B | SG-4162AD
Signal Tracer : SE-6100
Stereo Modulator : AG-2011
SINAD Meter : SM-7473600

SINAD Meter: SM-7473600


  • 4 Functions in 1: SINAD Meter, Audio Amplifier, Millivoltmeter, Audio Generator
  • FM Receiver Quality Tester
  • 2mV to 100V Voltmeter
  • Receiver Alignment without Sweep Mark
  • Monitor Audio Output Directly
  • Prime 1KHz Audio Generator
  • Specifications

    A) SINAD Meter

    SENSITIVITY: 20mV to 10V automatic gain controls

    IMPEDANCE: 100K ?

    SCALE: -20dB to +2dB

    ACCURACY: + 1dB

    REJECTION: 1000Hz

    B) Millivolt Meter

    RANGE: 10mV to 100V in 1,3 sequence total 9 ranges

    IMPEDANCE: 1m?

    ACCURACY: + 3% of FS

    BW FLATNESS: + 0.2 dB in 100Hz to 20KHz

    C) Audio Amplifier

    The audio signal level is controlled by range and volume, the maximum output is 2 watts.

    D) Audio Generator

    A 1KHz prime phase shift oscillator is provided for demodulator test of a standard audio signal.

    E) General Specifications

    Weight: 4 Kgs

    Power Requirement: AC 115/230V + 10%, 50/60Hz selection switch, 20W

    Dimensions: 260mm(W) x 100mm(H) x 340(D)mm