Our green energy trainers allow users to learn and experiment with green energy technology, energy  transformation and green energy management

GSE-40106: Green Solar Energy Trainer

GSE-40106 Green Solar Energy Trainer is a basic green energy transduction kit for solar power.  It is equiped with a MCU forusers to learn and observe the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm.  Variations of the MMPT algorithm allow users to experiment with the regeneration of green energy.

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GWE-40107 : Green Wind Energy Trainer

GWE-40107 Green Wind Energy Trainer is a portable project kit used to perform experiments pertaining to the observation and generation of wind power. The kit can be used to create a practical application learning platform and includes a number of add-ons to introduce different variables into the experiments.

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WSH-71002 : Wind/Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy Training System

This is a unique and attractive way to put green energy to work outside of the classroom. With flexible style options and different ways to apply the energy output, this system is a complete study on how green energy can be used and applied in real world scenarios.

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