GWE-40107: Green Wind Energy Trainer

* Portable and compact kit allows for easy transportation and storage
* Easy assembly of the tail and blades allow quick and efficient set up
* A dual energy input for wind and solar energy allow the kit to be directly connected to external solar panels (up to 120W)
* Built-in USB jack allows connection to computer peripherals
* Additional storage space included with the kit
* Wind-deviation function of the turbine adjusts the angle of the blades to reduce harmful impact to the generator.

* The Experiment Learning kit is a portable monitoring system
* Experimental applications for small wind power generation and power supply
* Exceptional tool for green energy and sustainability studies allowing different variables to be added for a thorough understanding of wind energy
* Multi-functional usage for low power utility applications such as,
   o Garden and landscape lighting 
   o Portable, high efficiency LED
   o Outdoor Activities
   o Safe for domestic use


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