WSH-71002: Wind/Solar Hybrid Renewable Energy Training System

Items and Specifications
1 Experimental Module For Wind & Solar Power Generation System 31.5" (W)x13.5"(H)x12.5"(D); Lab Monitoring Module with Connection
Terminal Block and Digital Electric Meter; Diagram Printed.
2 Solar Deep Cycle Battery 4 pcs of DC12V/75AH with Rack
3 MPPT Solar-Wind Charger Input: DC9~50V; Output: DC12V, 15Amax; Solar Power: 200Wmax; Wind Power: 400Wmax
4 AC Converter Module Input: DC10~45V; Output: AC 220V 60Hz, 15Amax, 300Wmax
5 DC/AC Sinewave/Modified Inverter(180W) Input: DC12V; Output: AC110V 60Hz, 180Wmax
6 AC Chargers 13.8V Input: AC90~240V; Output: DC13.8V

Can be separated into independant systems with solar generating between 50W to 28.2KW and wind generating between 300W to 3KW



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