GSE-40106: Green Solar Energy Trainer

Product Features:

1. Hands on application of the MPPT algorithm.
2. LCD displays measurements of the current, power, and input/output voltage.
3. "DC TO DC Converter" and "DC TO AC Inverter" Modules for output transduction experiments
4. "Charging" and "Load" Modules teaches and emphasizes solar power regeneration
5. Open Design nature of the kit allows the user expand their knowledge and creativity by changing various factors during the experiment for an ideal learning environment.


·         Green Energy Introduction

·         Components and Function Blocks

·         Function Block Diagrams and Circuits

·         Microcontroller Software Development Tool – KEIL-C

·         Learning C Language and Programming

·         Fundamental of Microcontroller (MPC)

·         MPC Input/Output (I/O) Interface and Control Programming

·         LCD Display Module Control Programming

·         A/D Converter Control

·         Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Principle and Control

·         DC to DC Converter Principle and Control

·         Battery Charging and Discharging Control

·         Maximum Power Point Track (MPPT) Algorithm and Tracking

·         DC to AC Converter Circuit and Software Program




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