CPG-1366A | CPG-1367A

NTSC Bar Pattern Generator: CPG-1366A










CPG-1366A is designed for repairing and adjusting any defects in a TV set. The adoption of IC, PC Board and protection devices for crystal ensure its highest performance. Air-type variable capacitor in inner tuner lower the frequency floating to the minimum. Sun design of cute and portable type is really an efficient instrument for TV sets servicing industry.



RF Range: VHF NTSC System. IF: 45.75MHz CH7: 175.25MHz. CH9: 187.25MHz.

RF Output: l0mV

Impedance: 75 W

Sync. Signal: X'TAL Oscillator, Horizontal 15750Hz Vertical 60.11Hz

Flay Bock Eliminate: Horizontal and Vertical


  1. Subcarrier frequency: 3.563795 MHz Offset Subcarrier type 10 bars chroma level
  2. Dots White 21 x 15
  3. Crosshatch White 21 x 15
  4. Vertical Lines White 21
  5. Horizontal Lines White 15
  6. Raster White, Fixed 100% brightness

Video Output: Video output (BNC) 1 Vp-p (open end)

Power Requirement: Battery AA-3 x 6, 7~ 10 V AC Adapter.

Dimensions & Weight: 160(W) x 83(H) x 125(D)mm, Approximately 0.8kg


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