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CM-3300A: Auto Range Capacitance Meter, $139.00


The Autoranging Capacitance Meter measures capacitance from 0.1pF to 99900 uF in 10 different ranges automatically. This range of measurement covers virtually all capacitor usage in any application. The autoranging feature of the unit is capable of selecting the range with the highest resolution and giving a 3 digit reading. With the range HOLD feature, a direct 4-digit reading of capacitance is possible. The range HOLD feature also enables faster batch testing of large value capacitors. Because of the units ability to check tolerance, measure unmarked capacitors, select matched pairs and measure cable or switch capacitance, the unit is a valuable instrument in electronic engineering labs, production lines, quality control departments, service centers and technical institutes.


10 ranges, fully automatic with range HOLD.
Full scale value from 99.9 pF to 99.9mF.
AUTO: between 79 and 999 counts.
HOLD: between 0 and 999 counts.

Resolution 0. I pF on the lowest range and 0. 1% of full scale on all ranges.

0.5% of full scale 1digit to 99.9uF
1.0% of full scale 1digit to 99.9mF

Overrange Indication: The OVERRANGE LED is it steadily blinking

Zero Adjust:: External knob adjustment of the zero display value

Front Panel Control: Power ON-OFF switch, Range AUTO-HOLD switch and Zero Adjust knob

Display: 3-digit 0.5" (13mm) LED

Unit Indicators - pF, nF, uF, & mF

OVERRANGE indicator

Power Supply: AC 115V/230, 50/60Hz, Approximately 6VA

Size and Weight: 198(W) x 140(H) x 100(D)mm , Approx. 1kg



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