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ADA-3250C/ADA-3280C - Automotive Diagnostic Analyzers


Save/Recall Waveforms
You can save Waveforms for later recall and compare them with the waveform you are currently testing on the same screen.

The EGR is to reduce the emission of oxides of nitrogen (NOx)



Full-function, Dual-channel
For all test items, you can choose either one channel to pick up signals or two channels to compare two independent waveforms.


The primary and secondary waveforms can be displayed on the same screen. It is helpful for the troubleshooting of ignition systems. 20-waveform storage provides a tool for quick judgment between normal and abnormal conditions.

  Pointer Key
Allows you to move quickly through menus and change range
O2 Sensor/Efficiency of Cat.
The O2 sensor detects the amount of oxygen after combustion. Typically, its output has 1.0V (max.) Under both lean and rich circumstances. This test result is useful for maintenance troubleshooting. The ADA-3250C/ADA-3280C includes upstream O2 measurements of and downstream O2 measurement of dual O2 sensor system for future applications. It can even check the efficiency of the catalytic converter as OBDII requires.

Communicate with PC
Via Auto Viewer Software and optically isolated RS232 interface, it is easy to store waveforms and reading into a electronic file. You can easily share the file with other engineers

  Idle Speed Control
When the vehicle is idling, the controller generates a PWM voltage to the MCU to control the air bypass value. The ADA-3250C/ADA-3280C both provide a quick method to measure PWM waveform.