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ADA-3250C/ADA-3280C -  Automotive Diagnostic Analyzers


Reference Waveforms
The ADA-3250C provides several Reference Wave forms in it's memory. Waveforms are captured from automobiles by the ADA-3250C. Users can easily recall Reference Waveforms to compare them with the new graph that they just measured

The ADA-3250C/3280C Measures the performance of ABS/ETS (Electronic Traction System) / DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). The outstanding features lead other equivalent engine diagnostic instruments in the dust. In this item, three types of sensors, Magnetic/Optical/Hall Effect satisfy all vehicles available on the market

  Menu Driven Operation
With a pull-down menu and arrow button keys, you can easily choose different test functions.

The electronic fuel injection vehicle uses PWM to control the fuel injector. The typical value of PWM is about a few milliseconds. Generally, the technician analyzes the phenomena of the injector such as CLOG, Weakness, Obstruction, and so on. The ADA-3250C/3280C will be a great help in analysis of the waveforms.

  Easy to Use
Function key allows you to read different parameter measurements using one menu selection
The ADA-3250C/ADA-3280C can not only test waveforms of Magnetic, Optical and Hall Effect, 3 types of sensors, but can also provide frequency, max. and min. parameter output measurements simultaneously

Glitch Capture
With the ADA-3250C/ADA-3280C, it's quick and easy to capture otherwise hard to spot glitches in the sensors

The MAF sensor transfers the signals of fuel feeding and ignition control timing to the ECU very accurately.


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