Audio Generators: AG-2601A| AG-2603AD
AG-2603AD: Audio Generator/ Counter (10Hz ~ 1MHz)



Frequency Range: 10Hz -1 MHz 5 decade bands
Accuracy with Counter Section Accuracy
Output Impedance: 600
W unbalanced
Output Control: 0dB/-20dB/-40dB and Fine adjuster.

Sine Wave Output
Range: l0Hz ~ 1MHZ
Output Voltage: 8Vrms, max.
Output Distortion:
Less than 0.05% 500Hz ~ 50KHz
Less than 0.5% 50Hz ~ 500KHz
Output Flatness: + 1dB (1KHz)

Square Wave Output
Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Output Voltage: l5Vp-p or more
Rise Time: 0.5

Range: + 1%/v of oscillator frequency per Vrms
Input Impedance: Approximately 10 K
Maximum Input:10Vrms

Frequency Range
10Hz to 150MHz
HF 10Hz to 10MHz
VHF 10MHz to 150MHz
Accuracy: +1 Count, + Reference time Accuracy

Gate Time: 0.1 sec and 1 sec
Input Sensitivity:
35mv ~ 50mv
10Hz ~ 150MHz
Input Impedance: HF 1 M
W VHF 50 W
MAX. Input Voltage: Less about 3V effective
Reference Time Frequency:10 MHz
Reference Time Accuracy: 5 x 10^-5 (50ppm) 0

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