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PCB Prototyping Machine

Compact, easy setup and adjustment
The perfect PCB prototyping to fit any budget
Stand-alone requiring no PC connection
User friendly control panel for easy operation
Adjustable integrated micrometer depth controller
Z-axis driver with memory feature, working speeds controlled by software
Acoustic Cabinet is included

Engraving Tools: Isolate the cutting paths
Endmill Tools: Remove copper
Drill Bits: Drill Holes


Working Area
8" x 6"
(200 x 150 mm)
X/Y Travel Speed (Max.)
(45 mm/ sec)
X/Y Resolution
0.2 mil (0.005 mm)
Z Resolution
0.4 mil (0.01 mm)
Trace Width/ Space
6 mil (0.15mm)
Minimum Hole Size
12 mil (0.3 mm)
Drilling Capacity
30 Strokes/ min
Spindle Motor
DC Brushless Motor
Spindle Speed
25,000 rpm
Milling Depth Sensing
Depth Micrometer
Machine Base
Cast Aluminum
Tool Change
1/8" Collet
Front to Back Registration
by the registration Pin
X/ Y/ Z Drive
Stepper Motors
Dimensions (WxDxH)

15.5" x 13" x 14.75"
(395 x 330 x 375 mm)

44 lbs (20 Kgs)
AC 110/ 220V, 1000W
Dust/ Noise Enclosure

Standard Accessories:

1. PCB-532005Q
2. User's Manual in English
3. Software CD
4. Power Cord
5. Engrave Tool: 6 pcs, 0.5 mm Engmill: 2 pcs, 1.5 mm Endmill: 2 pcs
6. Drill Bit: 10 pcs (including 2 route bits)
7. 1.25 mm locating Pin: 5 pcs
8. 5 pcs of FR4 H/H copper boards (thickness: 1.6 mm)
9. Acoustic Cabinet (Dust/ Noise Enclosure)



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