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RF Signal Generator with Counter, 100 KHz ~ 150 MHz: SG-4162AD


The SG-4162AD is a compact solid state build-in oscillator & contour function designed for the hobbyist, service bench and the technical instruction.


Frequency Range:
A 100KHz - 320KHz

B 300KHz ~ 1100 KHz
C 1MHZ-3.3MHz,
D 3.0MHz ~ 11 MHz
E 10MHz-35MHz,
F 32MHz ~ 150 MHz
(up to 450MHz on 3'rd harmonics)

Frequency Accuracy: by counter section accuracy

RF Output: 100mVrms, Approx. (up to 35MHz)

Output Control: High-Low Switch and fine adjuster

Modulation: INT. 1KHz (AM) 30% Approx., EXT. 50Hz ~20KHz, at less than 1 Vrms input

Audio Output 1KHz, MIN. 2 Vrms (fixed)

Crystal Oscillator: For 1 ~15MHz crystal in type HC-6u holder (not included)

Frequency Range
10Hz to 150MHz
HF 10Hz to 10MHz
HF 10MHz to 150MHz

Accuracy: + 1 Count, + Reference time accuracy

Gate Time: 0.1 sec and 1 sec

Input Sensitivity : 10 Hz ~ 150 MHz ,35mV ~ 50 mV

Input Impedance: HF 1MW VHF 50 W

MAX Input Voltage: less about 3V effective

Reference Time Frequency:10 MHz

Reference Time Accuracy: 5 x 10^-5 (50ppm) 0 degree to 40 degrees C, 1 x 10^-5 (10ppm)23 degrees + 3 degrees C

Display: Decimal 6 Digit LED

Power Requirement: AC 115/230V, 50/60Hz Approx. 4VA

Dimension & Weight: 215(W) x 120(H) x 220(D)mm , Approx. 1.6kg

Accessories: BNC-clips x1


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