60 MHz:  HP-9060
100MHz: | HP-9100 |
250 MHz: | HP-9250 | HP-9258 |

250 MHz Scope Probe: HP-9250

Switch Selectable x1/ x10/ Ref Probe


Position X 1  
Attenuation Ratio 1:1
Bandwidth DC to 6MHz
Rise Time 58ns
Input Resistance 1MW (Oscilloscope input)
Input Capacitance 90 pF Plus Oscilloscope Capacitance
Working Voltage 600V DC incl. peal AC derating with frequency
Position Ref Probe tip disconnected, oscilloscope input grounded
Position X 10


Attenuation Ratio 10:1
Bandwidth DC to 250MHz
Rise Time 1.4ns
Input Resistance 10MW when used with oscilloscopes with 1MW input.
Input Capacitance Approx. 14 pF
Compensation Range 10 to 35 pF
Working Voltage 600V DC incl. peak AC derating with frequency
Cable Length 1.4 Meters