Attenuator: | UHF |
AM/ FM Signal Generator: SG-4110A
Dip Meter: DM-4061A
Modulation Meter: MM-476020
SWR/ RF Power Meter: | 320 | 340 |
SWR/ Power/ FS/ Ant. Matcher: CPS-100

340: mW Power Meter



The model 340 mw Power Meter is designed for measuring the lower RF Power Watt to test transmitters in cordless phones, two-way radios, radio controllers, mobile phones, radio toys, and other radio communication equipment.

This unit's simple operation can measure the mini RF Power Watt from 20mV to 2W and be suitable for the wide frequency ranges from 1.8MHz to 500MHz.

The model 340 can also be connected to an oscilloscope or frequency counter to be used for the monitor of waveform or frequency of the transmitter.


Wide frequency range from 1.8 ~ 500MHz

Wide power measurement range from 20mW - 2W

Residual SWR very small

Built in BNC monitor terminal


Frequency Range: 1.8 ~ 500MHz

Power Measurement Range: 20mw/200mW/2W 3 range switchable

Impedance: 50 W

V.S.W.R.: Less than 1.15

Accuracy: + 10% of full scale

Connector: N Type monitor output BNC type

Dimensions: 160 (W) x 83 (H) x 125 (D) mm


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