Millivolt Meters: MV-3100A | MV-3200B

2CH AC Millivolt Meter, 10 Hz ~ 1 MHz: MV-3201B


The MV-3201 B is a 2 CH AC millivolt meter, providing an AC voltage measurement range of 300 uV to 100V full scale with a bandwidth of 10Hz ~1MHz for both CH1 and CH2. Two different input signals can be measured simultaneously or separately according to the setting of a push button mode switch. The MV-3201B employs BNC input connectors, eliminating influence by extend induction during low level measurements. This instrument can be used as a level meter with both the dB (0 dB=l Vrms) and dBm (0 dBm=1 mW/600 W) scales, either AC output terminals are provided for each CH on the rear panel, so the CH1 and CH2 signals can be observed on an oscilloscope screen or the MV-3201A can operate as a preamplifier.


  • Wide band range: 5Hz ~1MHz
  • Testing Range: 100u V~ 300V
  • Three scales, mV/dB/dBm with three different colors for reading easily
  • High stability and high confidence


Voltage Range
300 UV ~ 100V (full scale) in 12 range

dB Range
-70 dB ~ 40 dB in 12 Range (OdB=lVrms)

+- 3% of full scale (at 1KHz or 400Hz)

Input Impedance
W~ for each range 40pF a less

Band Width
+- 3% 20Hz ~ 200KHz
+- 5% 10Hz ~ 500KHz
+- 10% 10Hz ~ 1MHz

With in 2% of full scale by shortening input

Maximum Input (DC + ACp-p)
300V (300u V ~ 1V range)
500 (3V ~ 100V range)

Amplifier Output
0.lVrms +- l0 % at open load

Output Impedance
W +- 10%

Power Supply
AC 115V/230V 50/60Hz 6VA approx.

Size & Weight
215(W) x 152(H) x 200(D)mm
Approx.. 3.5Kg