LOOP/ PSC/ Load Tester: LPL-13825
Electrical Network Analyzer: LPL-13826

Digital Loop/ PSC/ Load Tester, LPL-13825



* Measures the volt drop as if 16A was flowing between Line and Neutral .
* Displays voltage without current (V at 0A).
* Display voltage as if 16A flows between Line and Neutral (V at 16A).
* Loop test for L-E * PSC between L-N.
* Single One Smart Push button operation;
* Checks wiring integrity (LEDs).
* Auto-off / auto-ranging (software range).
* Microprocessor controlled.
* Combined Prospective Short circuit Current, Loop and Load Tester.
* Test leads, shoulder belt, user's manual.
* 60Hz available on request.
* Display can be customized for large orders.
* IEC 1010 CAT III

main system voltage (V at OA) of the power utility and calculates the volt drop between Line and Neutral
as if 16A was flowing between Line to Neutral. LPL-13825 displays the system voltage minus the voltage
losses into the Line and Neutral impedances (losses due to the current circulating into theses impedances).
The result of this dropped voltage is displayed as if you had a 16A load (V at 16A).
This new instrument uses a three wires unique principle of operation. The LPL-13825 displays the
Loop Impedance between Line and Earth (Z L+Z E)=ZL-E and Prospective Short Circuit between Line and Neutral.



Loop Impedance Range LE, LN 0.03 ~ 2000 W (Software controls)
Test Current in each Loop : 11.76A @ 230V/ 50Hz
Voltage Measurement L-N 50 to 280 V AC( Sine)
Load Current for Volt Drop :16A (Calculation)
PSC current (L-N) Max 8k A @230VAC
Operating Voltage : 230 V + 20 % @50Hz Sine
Power Source : 8 x AA Batteries
Loop Impedance: + 5 % of rdg + 2dgt
PSC Current :+ 12 % of rdg + 5dgt
Voltage :+ 3 % of rdg + 1 dgt
Operating Temp. : - 10 ~ 40 degrees C
Humidity : 80 % max. relative humidity
Dimensions (L x W x D) 170 x 165 x 92 mm
Weight 970 g



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