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CLM-03055C/ CLM-03055F: Digital Clamp-on Meter with Temp. measurement

  • Design meets IEC 1010 safety requirement.
  • Compact & heavy duty ABS housing plastic case.
  • Measures DCA & ACA on the inductive conductor.
  • Wide ranges ( 1000 A, 200 A ) for ACA/DCA measurement.
  • LSI circuit provides high reliability and durability.
  • Multi-functions for ACA, ACV, DCV, OHMS, Diode,Continuity beeper measurement.
  • LCD display allows clear readout even at high ambient light level.
  • Built-in the temp. measurement function.
  • Overload protection circuit is provided for all range.

General Specifications

Display:13 mm (0.5") LCD, 3 1/2 digits.;Max. indication 1999.
Measurement Range and Polarity : ACA, DCA, ACV, DCV,
Resistance, Diode, Continuous, TEMP.Automatic Switching, "-"
indicates negative polarity. Current Sensor: Hall effect sensor
Zero adjustment : Automatic adjustment except DCA range.
Over-input : Indication of "1" or "-1".
Sampling Time :Approx. 0.4 second.
Battery : 006P DC 9V battery (heavy duty type).
Power Consumption : Approx. DC 11 mA.

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