Universal Programmers: | UDP-17048| UDP-4908101C3| SAU-17300|

SAU-17300: Stand-alone Universal Programmer


·        Built in4MB memory. Readsource ICto buffer via Master socket andthen read copy thedata inthe buffer area to2 ICs at thesame time.

·        FLASH devices onlysuppor tedby copying data from one toanother.

·        The besttools forQC &QA.

·        Stand-Alone operation with 18-key keypads and 20x4 LCDdisplay.

·                  Less than 13 seconds takesto program 8Mb FLASHMemory.

·        Just change adaptors to program differentICs orpackages devices.

·        PC-Link programming & devices library updating via printer por t connect to PCor Notebook.

·        Switching power100V~240V AC input.

·        Build-in protection function forreliable andfast programming.

·        Graphic display, easy programming operation.

·        Suppor t low voltage devices.

·        Auto-detect theIC insertion andPIN contact of FLASH& EPROMwith powerful graph showing the status ofdevices.

·        Only needed 4 hot keys, ↓, ↑, ENTER& ESC, to program.

·        Adjust programming parameters &Vcc, Vcc +/-5% or+/-10% verification voltage. Auto detect ICbrand &number ofFLASH &EPROM.

·        Auto-setting programming circumstances and contents.


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