Signal Tracer/ Injector: SE-6100




The SE-6100 is a handy, easy-to-operate versatile instrument with dual power sources. Two red LEDs on the front panel indicate the mode of operation. Ideal for servicing Televisions, AM and audio circuitry. Also check speakers, microphones and pickups. Easy to operate and ideal repair stores, training schools, labs and hobbyists.



Gain: Max. 60 dB at 1KHz

Attenuation: 0-20-40-60 dB

Input Impedance: 100k W

Output Impedance:
External Speaker: 8
Output: 600
W (unbalanced)

Meter: VU 100uA

Speaker: 2 1/4"


Frequency: Approximately 1KHz square wave form

Output Level: Max. 4.5V p-p (0-4.5V continuously variable)

Standard Accessories: 1 Test lead with 2 alligator clips + 1 test lead with a test probe and an alligator clip + 9-volt battery.

Power Supply: 9V Battery or AC adapter.

Size & Weight: 198(W) x 140(H) x100(D)mm, Approximately 1.1 kg

1- Test probe
2- RCA Clips x 2


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