PS-2243 / PS-2245: DC Power Supply


PS-2243 (24V / 3A)

Output Voltage: 0 ~12V, 12 ~ 24V Switch Selector

Accuracy: + 2 % of Full Scale

Output Current: 3A continuously (5A)

Line Regulation: 0.02%+3mV

Load Regulation: 0.02 % + 3mV

Noise and Ripple: 2.5mV Rrns

Over current Protection: 3.2A (5.2A)

V & A Indicators: Volt and Amp Switch Selector

Accuracy: +3%

Power Requirements: AC 115V/230V +10% 50/60Hz

Approx. 98W

Dimensions: 215(W) x 120(H) x 200(D) mm


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