8202 / 8203: Digital Triple DC Power Supply


A)Constant Output Voltage Range (CV):

Dual digital display indicating ~30V continuously variable with fine adjustable and one extra output voltage fixed 5V/3Amp.

Load Regulation: < 0.01% + 3mV
Line Regulation: < 0.01% + 3mV
Recovery time: < l00ns Typical
Ripple Voltage: Peak to peck ~ 2m Vrms; ~ lmV
Temp. Coefficient: 5mV/0 C Typical

B) Constant Current Range (CC):

Dual digital display indicating 0~3 Amp for Model 8202 and 0~5 Amp for Model 8203.

Adjustable Current Limit:

5% to 100%, 0.lA to 3A, Model: 8202

5% to 100%, 0.lA to 5A. Model: 8203

Current Line Regulation: <0.2% + 3mA
Load Regulation: <0.2% + 3mA
Ripple Current: <3m Arms
Output Range: 0 to rating current continuously adjustable.

C) Protection: CC/CV indicating lamp. Protection against reverse polarity, overvoltage, short circuit, overload protection fully adjustable, current limiting and fuse primary protection.

D) Indicator: 2 PCs of digital display for voltage and 2 PCs of digital display for current. Green Type Decimal LED.

E) Operation: The unit can be operated either as two entirely independent single power supply, two separate DC voltage, or combined in tracking mode to produce equal dual (+) and (-) power supply.

F) Digital Voltmeter:
Range: 2V, 20V, 200V in 3 Range

indicator: 3-1/2 Digital LED

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