LR-02002: Logic Pulser









The logic pulser is a very effective tool for inspecting and repairing the logic circuits. It can be used directly to inject a signal into the logic circuits without removing the IC or breaking the circuits. The 100mA pulse output insures that the device under test will be pulsed, while the short 10 ms duration of the output pulse makes sure that no damage will be done to the circuit under test. The logic pulser output is switchable between 0.5 and 400Hz, making it suitable for use with either a logic probe or with an oscilloscope, also has an external sync input, which enables the user to synchronize the pulse output with an external signal, such as a computer clock circuit.


Sync Input Impedance 1MW
Pulse Rate 0.5~400Hz
Pulse Width 10 ms
Output Current 10mA sink/source
Power Supply Range 5 -15 VDC
Power Supply Protection 20V DC ( 30 sec Max.)
Sync Input Protection 120V DC (30 sec. Max.)
Test Point Protection 35V DC (30 sec. Max.)



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