DM-4061A: Dip Meter

DM-4061A 1.5-250MHZ


This unit is a transistorized dip meter for rapidly checking circuits and components in receivers, transmitters, antennas, etc., in the 1.5 to 250MHz range. It is designed for many applications in the 1.5 to 250MHz range, It is designed for many applications in Amateur Radio stations and service shops. A multipurpose transistor dip meter covering the range 1.5MHz to 250MHz in six overlapping ranges. With the 3-position function switch at 'Osc' and one of the six coils supplied plugged into the socket at the back, the unit can be used as a dip meter or an absorption wavemeter. The precise frequency required is set on a large multicolor dial with the six ranges shown on it. The rotary edge 'sensitivity' control many be used to adjust the sensitivity of the meter on the front of the instrument to give on-scale readings. The meter is calibrated 0 to 1 in steps, The meter can also be used in this mode for short-wave receiver testing with CW signals. With AM signals, the function switch should be set to "Mod" and a 2KHz tone will be added to the carrier frequency. An audio signal output is also provided for connection to a crystal earpiece. With the function switch at 'Batt check', the meter can be used to check the battery condition. The coil socket can also be used to connect a crystal in the range 1MHz to 15MHz which will produce an output at the crystal frequency that can be modulated by putting the function switch at 'MOD'. The meter is supplied with the six coils, a 3.5rnm mono jack plug for the "phone" output, and a PP3 battery.


Frequency Range 1.5MHz to 26OMHz in 6 bands as follows:

1.5 MHz ~ 4 MHz
3.3 MHz ~ 8 MHz
6.8 MHz ~ 18 MHz
18 MHz ~ 45 MHz
45 MHz ~ 110 MHz
100 MHz ~ 250 MHz

Modulation: 2KHz approx. sine wave

Power supply: 9VPP3 battery or 9 ~12VAC Adapter

Current Consumption: 2mA

Dimensions of case: 175 x 65 x 52mm

Approx. 650g


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