BasicDuino Apple Board: RA-78003

This board is designed to be compatible with BASIC Stamp 2 module, reducing breadboard and 32 LEDs and 1 speaker driver, with the purpose of maximizing entertainment for children. The Board includes a BASIC Stamp 2 module so you will not need to purchase one separately.


* All 16 Digital I/O pins are free to use, allowing you to fully utilize the capabilities of the BASIC Stamp.
* Compatible with extend project board, for ease of prototyping sensor systems.
* Integrated Serial Communication LEDs for a visual confirmation of data transfer.
* Integrated 32 LEDs for a visual light water
* Integrated a speaker amplifier for playing music


* 6-9 VDC power supply
* 5V1A regulator
* Serial communication through USB port
* Dimensions: 125mm x 123 mm (length x width)

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