Small Scale Service Robot: RA-78001


*Mobile platform and the manipulator are controlled by the same controller.
*The robot arm is driven by dual-motor.
*A variety of mounting holes on the mobile platform’s mechanical parts is easy for expansion to install a variety of sensors.
*The mobile platform is driven by two Parallax continuous servo motors, and the manipulator driven by high torque metal gear position servo
*High-power rechargeable lithium battery, long running time.
*Supports USB cable to the integrated development environment, debugging and downloading programs.
*Has a Xbee module expansion interface.
Technical Specifications
*The manipulator has four joints, and a clamping joint, the maximum payload is about 100 grams
*The manipulator unfolded length is about 350mm (from the center of the joint of the big arm to the gripper center)
*Power requirements: 4 ~ 6VDC,
*Controller Dimensions: 130mm x 120mm
*Operating temp range -40 ~ 85 ° C
*Support a variety of interactive programs, such as: Flash, MAX / Msp, VVVV, PD, C, Processing
*Support a variety of programming environments, such as: Arduino IDE, Eclipse, AVRProjectIDE etc.



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