4-Axis Robotic Arm Control: RA-493801


1. The robot structures are made of PC boards.
2. The lower deck is a power control unit which supplies power for the upper deck.
3. The upper deck is a control unit including a servo motor control card, capable of controlling up to 16 servo motors.
4. 4 servo motors for waist, upper arm, forearm, & gripper rotations are included.
5. User friendly graphic control software for real time on-line control from your PC.
6. The software is capable of controlling 16 servo motors. (Users can purchase extra motors for other applications.
7. Design your own motion sequence and download your program from PC to the robot control chip through a COM port.
8. Users have a hands-on opportunity to build up this robotic arm from scratch. (Assembling instructions included)

9. Enclosed motion design examples help users to develop their own motion control programs.
10. Users will have an opportunity to learn not only servo motor control but also mechanism design.
11. The software and servo motor control card can be used for different applications. (control up to 16 motors)
12. AC Adaptor included
13. DC power input pins are available for battery input.
14. It is one of the best project kits to engage students' learning experience.


1. Servo Motor Control Unit
2. Power Control Unit
3. Robotic Arm Structure Components
4. 4 Servo Motors
5. RS-232 Communication Cable
6. Robotic Arm Graphic Control Software
7. User's Manual
8. AC Adaptor
9. Accessories (nuts, bolts, power cord, signal cord,...)


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