Robotic Ant: RA-490309


1. The robot structure is made of PC board and aluminum plate.
2. Three servo motors are used to control the robot movement.
3. Power source: AC adaptor or batteries.
4. 4 control modes controlled by dip switches:
      sound control(3 microphones),
      trace (black type),
      antenna control(two limit switches),
      remote control (optional remote controller)
5. Sound mode: 3 microphones, two of them are attached at the top of antennas and one is attached at therear part,
     Movement of robot depends on how microphones are triggered. It can turn left, right or move backward, accordingly.
6. Trace mode: The robot can walk along a black track (black type) of a 3-quarter-inch in width
7. Antenna mode: Two limit switches are installed at the roots of antennas. If the left switch is triggered,
                                 robotic ant turns right, vice versa.
8. Remote control mode: optional remote controller available.
9. Detailed circuit diagrams and operation procedures are included in the manual.



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