PGMS IC Programmer: PGMS-490816B


* Supports four formats, hexadecimal (HEX), binary (BIN), head binary (CDS),and JED

* Easy to operate on a compact screen with MS-DOS or WINDOWS95\98\Me\NT\ 2000\XP operating systems.

* Use the interface of COM1~ COM4, no additional card is needed.

Supported chips

ATMEL: 89C51/52/55/55WD,89C1051/2051/4051, 89S8252/S53

MICROCHIP:16C63/A/64/A/65/A/B/66/67, 16F72/73/74/76/77, 16F87X ,16C73/A/B,...

INTEL: D87C51/52,P87C51/52 DALLAS: DS87C520

PHILIPS:P87C51/52/54/58,P87C51U/52U/54U/58U P87C51X2/52X2/54X2/58X2 P89C51U/52U/54U/58U P89C51ra+/rb+/rc+/rd+/ra2/rb2/rc2/rd2

WINBOND: W77E58,W78E51/51B/52/52B/54/54B/58


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