Soldering Irons


Model Number: SI-31040/ CSI-40

Power: 40W

Weight: 150 g

Model: SI-312030/ KD-30

Model: SI-312040/ KD-40

Model: SI-312060/ KD-60

Model: SI-312080/ KD-80

Model: SI-312100/ KD-100

Power: 230V, 30W

Power: 230V, 40W

Power: 230V, 60W

Power: 230V, 80W

Power: 230V, 100W

Model: SI-311020/ KN-20

Model: SI-311030/ KN-30

Model SI-311040/ KN-40

Model: SI-311060/ KN-60

Model: SI-311080/ KN-80

Power: 120V, 20W

Power: 120V, 30W

Power: 120V, 40W

Power: 120V, 60W

Power: 120V, 80W

Model: SI-31808A/ ST-808A (20W)

Model: SI-31808B/ ST-808B (30W) 

Voltage:120 / 230 V AC

Model: SI-31812A/ SH-812A(80W) 

Model: SI-31812B/ SH-812B (100W) 

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

Model: SI-31813A/ SH-813A 

Power: 40 W

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

Model: SI-31815A/ SH-815A (25W) 

Model: SI-31815B/ SH-815B (40W) 

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

Model: SI-31963A/ SR-963A 

Power: 40W

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

Model: SI-31965A/ SR-965A (25W) 

Model: SI-31965B/ SR-965B (40W) 

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

Model: SI-31968A/ SR-968A (20W) 

Model: SI-31968B/ SR-968B (30W) 

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

Model: SI-31971A/ SR-971A (15W) 

Model: SI-31971B/ SR-971B (20W) 

Model: SI-31971C/ SR-971C (25W) 

Voltage: 120/ 230 VAC

Model: SI-31982A/ SR-982A (15W) 

Model: SI-31982B/ SR-982B (20W) 

Model: SI-31982C/ SR-982C (25W) 

Ceramic Heater

Voltage: 120/ 230 V AC

* Replacement tips are optional accessories


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