24-axle Servo Motor Controller: SMC-490316



Features & Functions

1. Can be applied to servo motors installed on remote control cars, remote control airplanes or robots.
2. Installed with optical isolating protection circuit.
3. Use the 8051 chip as the main controller.
4. Can control at most 24 servo motors at the same time.
5. Can implement different consecutive operations according to input instructions.
6. Can be connected to a computer via RS232 to do serial I/O control.
7. Power requirement is 5V/1A, and can be expanded to 5V/3A by exterior input.
8. Enclosed with VB codes and 8051 codes for project research.
9. Installed with two 93C66 ROMs (total 1024Bytes) which can store data of operations and help this product operate after offline.
10. Enclosed with VB programs including operation-editing function (angle, speed, operation time, quantity of motors to be operated) and the function of downloading operations to RAM.
11. Comes with 2 servo motors (SM-49001)