ARM9 Embedded Development Training System: ARM-4912226




Core Board Configuration:
CPU: S3C2410x ARM9 core
SD: 64M built-in
FLASH: 64M nandflash
I / O Pins: 200 pins

Backplane Configuration:
Internet: CS8900a 10M USB Network
Audio: UBA1341 the audio input and output
USB Host: 2 USB hosts
SD cards: Standard SD card interface
USB Device: One USB device
JTAG: Standard 20pin JTAG interface
SPI: I / O leads
Keyboard &LED: four keys and five LEDs
GOIP: All leads remaining of the GOIP are led out
RTC Battery: 3V RTC battery
Display: up to 800x600VGA and TV output
Serial Interface: 2 serial ports, another serial port can be used for infrared module.