8-bit Micro-Programmer (I)

Hardware Specification

  • Micro-programmer, No. EDS-881 V3.0
  • Multi-I/O Lab Card, No. EDS-8814
  • 50-pin IDC Flatcable

Reference & Software

  • Micro-programmer user's Guide included.
  • This system can be use with an IBM PC or compatible.
  • In addition, it can be used with the MTS-8088 V3.4 BIOS without a disk drive. The X command on the MTS-8088 can be used to execute these programs directly.
  • BGEP.EXE: E(E) PROM programming routine.
  • EP1CFG.BGC: Save current EPROM's type & address.
  • BG48P.EXE: The 8048 programming routine.
  • EP2CFG.BGC: Save current 8048's type and address.
  • BGTM.EXE: SRAM Testing routine.
  • HEX2BIN.EXE: Utility to convert HEX files to Bin files



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