Opto-couple I/O Control Board

Hardware Specification

  • 50-pin PCI Connector
  • Touch Switches (8 sets)
  • AC 110/220V Output Control Bus
  • PTO-COUPLE Circuit Device
  • No EDS 8814 Multi-I/0 Lab Card
  • 13-pin Housing connector
Experiment Name File Name
Sign Bulb Emulation
1 pc Opto-couple by Touch Switch OPTO2.ASM
1 PC Opto-couple by External Input OPTO3.ASM
2 pcs Opto-couple by Touch Switch OPTO4.ASM
3 PCs Opto-couple by Touch Switch OPTO5.ASM
4 PCs Opto-couple by Touch Switch OPTO6.ASM
Reference Program 1 OPTO1-3.ASM
Reference Program 2 OPTO2-1.ASM
Reference Program 3 OPTO3-2.ASM
Reference Program 4 OPTO4-2.ASM


Multifunction I/O Lab

Hardware Specification

  • 50-pin PCI Connector
  • Port A, B, and C LEDs
  • Port A, B, and C 7-segment LEDs
  • Port A, B, and C Thumbwheel Switch Control
  • 8x8 LED Module
  • Stepping Motor Emulator
  • Stepping Motor Connector
  • Used Stepping Motor (industrial grade, 1 year warranty)
  • 16-pin DIP Flatcable
Experiment Name File Name
Racing Light LED1.ASM
Sign Bulb Simulation LED2.ASM
Reading the Thurnbwheel Switch SW.ASM
Digital Clock I CLOCK1.ASM
Static Display, Dot Matrix LED S-LED8.ASM
Dynamic Display, Dot Matrix LED D-LED8.ASM
Speaker Control I SPK1.ASM
Speaker Control II SPK2.ASM
Control of 4x7 matrix keyboard I KBD1.ASM
Control of 4x7 matrix keyboard II KBD2.ASM
Electric Piano Simulation PLAY.ASM
8255 Mode 1 Polling Handshake MODE1-HS.ASM
8255 Mode 2 Polling Handshake MODE2.HS.ASM
Data Handshake by Interrupt Control M1-INT.ASM
External Interrupt Control INTR.ASM
Digital Clock II CLOCK2.ASM
Digital Clock III CLOCK3.ASM
Digital Stop Watch CLOCK4.ASM
Stepping Motor Control I STMO-F.ASM
Stepping Motor Control II STMO-R.ASM
Stepping Motor Control III STMO-INT.ASM
Stepping MotorSimulation I STMO-1P.ASM
Stepping Motor Simulation II STMO-2P.ASM
Stepping Motor Simulation III STMO-12P.ASM




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