Basic I/O Experiment Board

Hardware Specification

  • 50-pin PCI Connector
  • Port A LEDs
  • 7-segment LED Module (2 displays)
  • Thumbwheel Switch
  • 8p Dip-switch
  • Tact Switch
  • 8254/8259/8255 Signal Bus
  • Jumper for Signal Selection
Experiment Name File Name
Racing Light
DIP Switch BAS2-1.ASM
Using the 7-Segment Display BAS3-1.ASM
The 5x7 Dot Matrix Display LED Module BAS4-1.ASM
The Thumbwheel Switch BAS5-1.ASM
Key Counter (I) BAS6-1.ASM
Key Counter (II) BAS7-1.ASM
Handshake Reading of the Thumbwheel Switch BAS8-1.ASM
Handshake Displays on the 7-segment LED module BAS9-1.ASM
Bi-directional Handshaking BASA-1.ASM
Programming the 8254 and the 8259 BASB-1.ASM




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