MTS-8052: Microcontroller Training System








  • Aluminum-Framed Case with accessory panel for safe & easy carrying and storage.
  • Open front panel design with safe and easy access power plug and switch.
  • All possible required DC power supplies in today's electronic applications, GND, +5V, +12V, +3.3V, & -12V, are provided on the colored banana binding posts for easy access.

Hardware Specifications

  • Central Process Unit: Intel 8032 CPU, Clock rate 11MHz
  • RAM: 32KRAM, 8000H~FCFFH (31KRAM) for user's programs, FD00H~FFFFH for system
  • ROM: 32KROM, address range 0000H~7FFFH used by system (practically to 7EFFH)
  • I/O Range: 7F00~7FFFH
  • Clock: 1~12 MHz
  • Keyboard: Large size, 56 keys, including alphanumeric keys and ASCII symbols.
  • Display 40 * 2 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
  • Printer Interface: Built-in standard Centronix, using IBM PC printer cable
  • RS-232C Interface: Build-in. The 8032 internal serial port controls the data transmission. The baud rate, data bit, and stop bit protocol can be programmed.
  • Status Port: The status port can be displayed to show status of keys such as CAPS LOCK, INS, and CTRL-P
  • Expansion Slot: The Port 0, Port 1, Port 3, Vcc, GND, address decode, and some control signal lines are extended for user applications.
  • Speaker: The 2.25" speaker can be used for output applications
  • Experiment area: An area on the main board and solderless breadboard with 1580 tie-points are reserved for circuit design and experiments
  • DC Power, +5V/9A, +12V/1A, -12V/0.2A, +3.3V/8A& GND, are provided on the colored banana binding posts.
  • Power Supply: 5 DCV, 90 to 256VAC, 47 to 63 Hz

Software Functions

  • Two-pass Assembler:The label field is assignable.
  • 8051/8052 assembler and disassembler: Assembly language coding
  • Memory Display, Edit, Move and Fill functions
  • SFR register contents display and modify function
  • Single Step execution.
  • Program execution Control: Display/ modify internal and external, and SFr registers. Breakpoint set up, multiple step execution, and skip subroutine execution are provided for programming and debugging.
  • Communications Functions: Upload/ Download programs to/ from external systems
  • RS-232 Driver
  • Keyboard Driver
  • Printer Driver
  • LCD Display Driver
  • BIOS Resume Driver
  • E(E)PROM Programmer Driver
  • Build-in experiment program examples.

Each Set Includes

  • System with 321K RAM & 32K ROM on system board.
  • 65W Switching Power Supply provides +5V/6A, +12V/3A, -5V/0.5A, -12V/1.5A; 90~256VAC/47~63Hz input power.
  • RS232C System Diskette.
  • RS232C Cable (5' approx.)
  • 50-pin Flatcable (2' approx.)
  • Aluminum Equipment Plate Form
  • Static grounding protection wrist strap.
  • Aluminum-framed Case with accessory panel for safe & easy carrying and storage.
  • Solderless Breadboard with 560 tie points.
  • 140-pc jumper wires
  • MTS-8052 User's Guide and Experiments Manual, copyrighted in USA.

Optional Accessories

  • Logic Pulser
  • Logic Probe
  • IC Extractor
  • IC Test clips, 8-pin to 64-pin
  • E(E)PROM Programmer
  • Digital IC Tester
  • Digital Multimeter with logic, Capacitance, Frequency Tester
  • EDS-5203 Data Storage





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