Compact Mechatronics Load System: CML-61600

1. An ideal training system to seal the gap between basic PLC control and complicated Mechatronics control.
2. Use your existing PLC to control this system, ití»s cost-effective.
3. A flexible learning system for students to practice not only basic PLC programs but also advanced automation control
. 4. Six basic experiments for students to be familiar with the system components.
5. Six advanced experiments for students to practice logics, sorting, and automation program design
. 6. Most affordable and innovative design for Mechatronics control training.
7. Covered subjects: DC motor control, sensor applications, pneumatic control, screw-rod robotic-arm mechanism control, PLC wiring and programming.

1. Conveyor belt driven by a 24V DC motor
2. Sensors: Reflective proximity switch x 1, Photo-electric sensor x 1, Inductive proximity switch x 1
3. Screw-rod mechanism: Driven by a 24V DC motor; 4 micro switches for position control; 2 limit protection switches.
4. Pneumatic control unit: Compact cylinder Rotary cylinder; Vacuum generator Nozzle.
5. Solenoid unit: Single-active solenoid 2 position x 2 pcs; Double-active solenoid 2 positions x 1 pc
6. Workpiece storage area
7. Banana Jack wire connection panel.

Experiments: (PLC controller of 13 inputs and 9 outputs is required to implement the following Experiments.)
1. Conveyor belt control
2. Color and material sensors control
3. Compact cylinder control
4. Rotary cylinder control
5. Vacuum generator control
6. Screw mechanism position controll
7. 3-axis robotic arm control
8. Workpiece pickup and place control (I)
9. Workpiece pickup and place control (II)
10. Workpiece selection and sorting control
11. Automation control (I)- Loading control
12. Automation control (II)- Loading/ Unloading control

Optional PLC Interface Module

PLC-INT-1P: This module has a PLC housing, Banana Jack interface, Toggle switches, and a power supply.

PLS-INT-1MS: Mitsubishi PLC

PLC-INT-1AB: Allen Bradley PLC

1. Mitsubishi PLC FX3U-32MR (16-Input & 16-Output) is standard package. Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and other brands are available.
2. PLC housing with 24VDC power supply; fuse protection.
3. Banana Jack interface posts.
4. Toggle switches for input simulations.
5. Power: AC 110V or 220V, power cord included.
6. Banana Jack connection wires.

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