Multifunctional PLC Interface Trainer: PLC-1008

Power Supply: 100-240VAC, 2A fuse protection.
Input Interface: 16 inputs, dual insulated binding posts and toggle switches. Light coupling protection interface.
Output Interface: 16 outputs, dual insulated binding posts, solid state transistor and relay switching. Fuse short circuit protection.
1) Traffic Light Module: Red, yellow, green, three-color LED 4 for each color.
2) Stepper Motor Module: Pulse (PLS)/Direct (DIR) drive control; attached a 60-pulse-per-rotation rotary encoder; can do multiple-point positioning control.
3). DC Motor Module: Reversible DC motor, with a single-point positioning mechanism.
Display: 16-grayscale 5.7” LCD touch screen
Resolution: QVGA 320 X 240
ROM: 3MB Internal Memory.
Communication Ports:

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