LCT-101300A: Linear Circuits Trainer




1.This device includes some basic experiment units and can be expanded to the advanced system. Modular design makes it easy to use and maintain.

2. Each experiment unit consists of several module boards. All input and output signals, control flows and wirings are shown on the module boards.

3. Circuit diagrams and/or block diagrams, are silk screen printed on the module board.

4. All the test points and connection terminals are brought out on the front for easy access and measurement.

5. Connection terminals are standard 4 mm diameter jacks.

6. Main panel frames (stand) is molded, specially treated and painted for long-lasting.


Linear Circuit Experiments
  1. Inverting Amplifier
  2. Summing Amplifier
  3. Non-Inverting Amplifier
  4. Voltage-Follower Amplifier
  5. Comparator Amplifier
  6. Differential Input Amplifier
  7. Integrating Circuit
  8. Differential Circuit
  9. Unstable Oscillation Circuit
  10. 555 In-Stable Oscillation Circuit
  11. Transistor Oscillation Circuit
  12. Schmitt Trigger
  13. D/A Converter
  14. A/D Converter
  15. V/F Converter
  16. F/V Converter
  17. UJT Oscillation Circuit
  18. SCR Trigger and Phase Control Circuit
  19. DIAC and Triac Phase Control Circuit
  20. Put Oscillation Circuit
  21. SCS Circuit
  22. SBS Circuit
  23. AC Watt Control Circuit
  24. DC Motor Speed Control Circuit
  25. Step Motor Device Circuit
  26. L.V.D.T. Circuit
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