Antenna System Demonstrator: ASD-30227



* Antenna System Demonstrator is designed as a teaching aid in studying antenna technology

  * This trainer will help students have a better understanding of antenna system.
  * This trainer provides a means for students to carry out realistic practical work
  * This trainer is suitable for vocational and technical schools.
  * Transmitter Unit:
  Frequency: Fixed 167.2Hz
  RF Power output: Variable 0, 5-5 watts
  Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  Power Input Requirement: AC 220V/ 50Hz
  * Antenna Construction: Nickel plated brass rods in various shapes for several types of antennas. Slotted Antenna, Quad Loop Antenna
  * Universal Matcher: 50 Ohm for balanced and unbalanced
  * Voltage and current detector: Bar LED display
  * Radiation detector
  * Transmitter and Matcher Operating
  * Radiation Theory.
  * Radiating and non-radiating systems
  * Transmission Lines and Feeders
  * Antenna Impedance and Lengths
  * Physical Length and Electrical Characteristics
  * V and I distribution graphics
  * Impedance matching of antennas
  * Directional antennas and radiation patterns
  * Parasitic arrays and antenna gain



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