Wind Power Training System: WPT-68300

* Horizontal axis and up-wind design to collect wind energy efficiently
* Direct drive style, high efficiency and low rotation speed
* Air-drive high efficiency blade design, the wind turbine needs a low wind speed to start
* Low noise
* Light weight design, easy to install
* Advanced and convenient controller with blade over-speed braking
* Compact and solid structure design No special maintenance is required


* Wind turbine type: Horizontal axis, up-wind
* Rated power: 300W (12 m/s)
* Rated rotor speed: 830 rpm
* Output voltage: 12V (DC)
* Rotor diameter: 52" (1,320 mm)
* Weight: 25lbs (11 kgs)
* Blade material: PP + CF
* Body material: Aluminum Alloy
* Generator: Three-phase synchronous permanent magnet generators
* Yaw control: 360
* Start-up wind speed: 2.5 m/s
* Control system: Auto safety control


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