RFID Trainer System: RFID-917010

RFID-917919 is a modular designed, inexpensive RFID learning tool.  It focuses on RFID HF (High Frequency 13.56MHz) ISO 14443A and ISO  15693 standard. It also supports other vendors' chips and can be used for learning UHF (Ultra High Frequency).



·      Consist of 10 modules include RFID fundamental and applications.

·      Use TI TRF7960, ISO 14443A & ISO 15693.

·      Built-in RTC (Real Time Clock).

·      Provide data storage function with loop design to expand memory life.

·      Support VC, VB, Assembly ... include simple and practical application program examples.

·      Open system allows user to visualize the program functions.


Communication           :                      USB

Operating Voltage Input Port:             5~24V DC (MAX)

Operating Voltage RELAY 1,2:          1A/125V AC, 2A/30V DC

Power:                                                100V AC~240V AC, 50/60 Hz

Dimension:                                          32cm x 22.6cm x 3.0/8.5cm

Weight:                                               2.5 kg



·      Peripheral Devices Control Programming, including LCD, Relays (Relay-1 & Relay-2), Solenoid, LED (LED-1 to LED-4), Reed Switch (Sensor-1), Glass Breaking (Sensor-2), External Data Entry (Input Port IP-1 to IP-4), Status Input (SW-1 & SW-2) and Data Set (DIP Switch-S1).

·      Reading the ISO 14443A RFID tag and show the UID code on LCD.

·      Reading the ISO 15693 RFID tag and show the UID code on LCD.

·      Uploading the data of ISO15693 RFID tag to PC in ASCII code format via USB (or RS-232) and show the ID on Super Terminal.

·      Reading ISO 14443A RFID tag, verifying the UID against the first I2C memory (M1) data and showing the result on the LED.

·      Real Time Clock (RTC) Control Programming, including year, month, date, hour, minute and second.

·      Read, Write and Erase single user data area of the ISO 15693 RFID tag.

·      Induct several ISO 15693 tags and send UID to PC on Super Terminal via USB.

·      Read, Write and Erase Functions for the internal area of ISO 14443A Mifare Card.

·      Creating an entry record. System stores the ID code and entry time in the second I2C
memory (M2).

·      Read and Delete the record via Super Terminal on the PC.

·      Integrating above experiments and create a simple access control system that includes workers database, entry time, locked control, glass breaking detection and alarm system.