Power Electronic Control Lab: PECL-62600

FPGA Interface Module

1. One mega logic gates capacity FPGA, with programmable logic gates; providing Power Electronic and DSP control functions.
2. TI-MSP430 low-power Microcontroller.
3. Real-Time Control parameters can be set by PC via USB port.
4. 12-Bit 2-CH ADC analog inputs.
5. 12-Bit 2-CH DAC analog outputs.
6. 128K RAM and 512K Flash ROM.
7. Power Electronic Driver Control via a 26-pin output interface.
8. 4-digit LD display
9. 4 x 4 keyboard.
10. Fiber optic interface can be connected in series, up to 31 sets.

DC Converter with Single-Phase Inverter Module

1. 4 individual MOSFET Drivers, 100V, 5A.
2. Switch is used to select load type among resistor, capacitor, inductor and transformer.
3. Provide 5V, 10V, 60V and a PWM input measuring points.

Three-Phase Inverter Driver Module

1. Input voltage 1Ø 220V.
2. IPM-IGBT driver module, 600V, 20A.
3. 3-phase current is measured with 0.05Ω, 20W, 1% resistor.
4. Photo Encoder and Hall Effect circuit conversion.
5. 3Ø output.

AC 3Ø Servo Motor

1. Power: 750 W
2. Torque: 7.16 N.M.
3. Maximum torque: 21.5 N.M
4. Speed: 1000 RPM.
5. Continuous current: 3.8A.
6. Maximum current: 11.4A.
7. Optic output encoder accuracy: 2500P / R
8. Provide Hall effect element output signal.
9. Motor rotation direction display plate.

AC Transformer

Input: 1Ø/220V;
Output: 60V, 0~4A.


1. Linux Operation System. PC uses Windows.
2. Real time control and real time measurement drivers on Matlab-simulink system.
3. Real-time program setting, parameter setting and signal measurement through Ethernet.
4. FPGA driver download through Enthernet.
5. Provide copy-righted DSP instruction sets.
6. Up to 24MHz PWM.


DC Power Conversion:
1. Buck Conversion Lab
2. Boost Conversion Lab
3. Buck-Boost Conversion Lab
4. Cuk Conversion Lab
5. Flyback Power Supply
6. Forward Power Supply
7. Dual-terminal Forward Power Supply
8. Push-pull Power Supply
9. Bridge Power Supply
DC-to-AC Conversion:
1. PWM Waveform Generation Lab
2. PWM Driver Control Lab
3. Half-Bridge Frequency Inverter Lab
4. Full-Bridge Frequency Inverter Lab
5. Square-Wave Frequency Inverter Lab
6. Sine-Wave Frequency Inverter Lab
7. Resonant Frequency Inverter Lab
Three-phase AC Servo Motor Controls:
1. Open-Loop Voltage Control Lab
2. Closed-Loop Current Control Lab
3. Closed-Loop Torque Control Lab.
4. Closed-Loop Speed Control Lab.
5. Closed-Loop Positioning Control Lab.
6. Acceleration/Deceleration Control Lab
7. Programmable Wave Positioning Control Lab.