Microwave Trainer: MT-30124


The characteristics of microwaves and the advantages of using microwaves in communications are well known to most students and teachers. Communication systems using microwave frequencies are superior to other types of systems in that the properties of microwaves are similar to the properties of light waves. The high directivity of microwaves significantly improves the signal to noise ratio. The MT-30124, Microwave Training System, offers comprehensive experiments on the properties of microwaves. The dynamic experiment topics cover subjects from the generation of microwave signals to the study of wave guides using X-band frequencies. The MT-30124 system consists of 17 main components and peripheral equipment including a power supply.


* MT-30124 is designed as a teaching aid that will enable students to investigate the principles of microwave transmission systems such as those used in communication links and radar.

* MT-30124 will help students to have a better understanding of microwave characteristics.
* MT-30124 provides a means for students to carry out realistic practical work.
* This trainer is suitable for vocational and technical schools.
* Frequency: 10.5 GHz
* Control Console
* Variable Attenuator
* Slotted-line turner
* Cavity Resonator
* Shunt Tee
* Directional Coupler
* Series Tee
* Hybrid Tee
* Wave guide/ Coaxial Adapter
* Resistive Terminator
* Biometer ( Thermistor type)
* Diode Detector
* Horn Antenna
* X-band Oscillator and Cable Assembly
* Short-circuit terminator
* Probe Detector Assembly for use with item B or F
* Accessories: Coaxial cables with BNC connectors, Coupling Plates, Thumb Nuts, support plates
* Fundamental of frequency and wavelength
* Voltage to stand wave ratio
* Microwave power
* Characteristics of detector
* Measurement of impedance
* Microwave Turner
* Directional coupler
* Series and shunt T coupling
* Horn antenna
* The Doppler Radar
* The use of coaxial cable


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