ispPAC20 Programmable Analog IC Development Lab: ISP-4924105


* Design, simulate, program, print, check and verify ispPAC-20 IC programs through the printer port

* The IC(ispPAC-20) is re-programmable.

* Six built-in signal I/O BNC ports.

* Provides output termial of 2.5V reference voltage and 5V work voltage

* Calibration push-button switch decreases the amplifier I/O deviation

* Built-in 8-bit A/D converter, LEDs, and push- button switches for A/D convert experiments

* A built-in single chip 8051 experiment zone which can be connected to the 8-bit A/D converter. The results can be showed on the 7-segment display

* Built-in modules include input bias, microphone, amplifier, decay, adder, substractor, integration, filter, band width control, bridge and temperature sensor, VCO, PWM, Delta-Sigma modulation, D/A converter, widow comparator, absolute-value circuit, Voltage monitor, temperature monitor, light measurement, current transmit interface, feedback control of voltage and current, analog multiplexer, SPI control and etc.

* Provides expansion connector for JTAG. Beside the ispPAC-20, this tool can be used for the other types of ispPAC IC.

* Development software (PAC Designer 1.3) is included

Experiments Included:

1. RTD Interface Circuit
2. Voltage Monitor Circuit
3. Photo Transistor Pre-amplifier
4. 6-wire bridge sensor interface
5. High-pass/ Low-pass filter
6. 4-20 mA bridge sensor interface
7. Pulse-width Modulator
8. Delta-sigma Modulator
9. Voltage controlled Oscillator



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