EM-102750A: Electrical Machinery Experiments

A. Transformer Experiments

1. Winding Ratio & Polarity Tests

2. Open-Circuit & Short-Circuit Tests

3. Load Test

4. Temperature Rise Test

5. Transformer in Parallel Connection

6. Transformer Three-phase Connections

7. Phase Transformations

8. Three-Phase Transformer Open-Circuit Test

9. Three-Phase Transformer Short-Circuit Test

10. Three-Phase Transformer Load Test

B. AC Motor Experiments

1. Three-Phase Induction Motor No-Load Test

2. Three-Phase Induction Motor Blocking Test

3. Three-Phase Induction Motor Load Test

4. Three-Phase Induction Motor Speed Control

5. Characteristic Test of Single-Phase Induction Motor

C. Sync Motor and Generator Experiments

1. Introduction to three-phase Synchronous generator

2. Three-Phase, Synchronous Generator No-Load and Short-circuit Tests

3. Three-Phase, Synchronous Generator Load Test

4. Three-Phase, Synchronous Generator Parallel Connection Operation Test

5. Synchronous Motor Phase Adjustment Test

D. DC Motor And Generator Experiments

1. Introduction to DC Motor

2. DC Generator No-Load Characteristic Test

3. DC Separately Excited Generator Load Characteristic Test

4. DC Shunt Generator Load-Characteristic Test

5. DC Series Generator Load-Characteristic Test

6. DC Compound Generator Load-Characteristic Test

7. DC Generator Parallel Connection Operation Test

8. DC Motor Speed Control

9. DC Separately Excited Motor Load Characteristic Test

10. DC Shunt Motor Load-Characteristic Test

11. DC Series Motor Load-Characteristic Test

12. DC Compound Motor Load-Characteristic Test


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