Digital Logic Lab: DLL-491903


Functions and Features

* Supported chip: Altera MAX7000S CPLD (PLCC 84Pins).

* Development software: (MAX+PLUS II V10.2)

* AHDL/ VHDL and graphic method can be used to develop circuits

* Clearly indicates the location of each circumscribed I/O pins, which can be used to control external circuits

* Frequency source: crystal oscillator and 555 precision timer. The maximum frequency is up to 10M Hz

* Supply program download interface through printer port

* Logic input units: Pulse Generator x 4 pcs

* 8-pin DIP Switches

* Logic output units:

         LED x16

         7-segment LED display x 2 pcs

         8*8 dot matrix LED x 1 pc

         Stepping motor driver interface x 1 pc


1. Logic design and simulation:

   * Fundamental Logic

   * Combination Logic

   * Adder

   * Subtractor

   * Encoder

   * Decoder

   * Comparator

   * Multiplexer

   * Demultiplexer

2. Sequential logic circuit design and simulation

   * Flip-Flop

   * Shift register

   * Shift counter register

3. AHDL/ VHDL languages

4. CPU design


* 8x8 dot matrix LED control

* 7-segment display control

* Digital clock

* Counter

* Stepping motor control

* LED and DIP switch control

* VHDL/AHDL design

* Expansion ports applications



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