Bluetooth Communication Trainer: BCT-582001



  * Protocol Analysis and Simulation/ Emulation
       -Protocol Training: Protocol Command, Protocol Leveling, Protocol Signaling
       -Profile Training: Profile Leveling, Profile Signaling, Profile Command
  * Demo Function
       -Audio Conversation
       -File Transfer
       -File Transfer
  * USB, UART Interfaces
  * Bluetooth Firmwave Version: HCI_V16.4
  * Bluetooth Specification Version: V1.1
  * Bluetooth Core Chip: CSR BlueCore 02-External
  * Bluetooth Module: BlueSEM II
  * Interface: UART, SPI, USB
  * Codec Filter: 13-bit Linear PCM
  * Operating Frequency Range: 2402 ~ 2480 MHz
  * Occupied Channel Frequency: 1 MHz
  * Transmit Power Level: +4 dBm (class 2)
  * Receiver Sensitivity: -80 dBm
  * Antenna: Dipole
    Carrying Case 2 pcs
  Headset 2 pcs
  Adaptor 2 pcs
  Module Board 2 pcs
  USB Cable 2 pcs
  UART Cable 2 pcs
  SPI Cable 1 pc
    CD Software 1 pc
  User's Manual 1 pc
  Part I: Introduction to Bluetooth Technology
  * Hardware installation
  Part II: Hardware
  * Power Supply
  * Interface
  * Codec
  * RF Module
  Part III: Bluetooth Protocol Monitoring
  * HCI Initailization and Inquiry
  * HCI Connection
  * HCI Disconnection
  * HCI Data Transfer
  * L2CAP Connection
  * L2CAP Disconnection
  * L2CAP Data Transfer
  * RFCOMM Protocol Connection
  * RFCOMM Disconnection
  * RFCOMM Data Transfer
  * Data Transfer between SDP Client and Server
  Part IV: Bluetooth Protocol Emulation
  * Protocol Stack Emulation
  * Appendix A

Laptop computers are not included.



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